During your stay, you will realize that this city is absolutely worth visiting. We will show you such amazing reasons you should explore places before the crowd does!!!

Great Mosque Senapelan

Also known as Masjid Raya Senapelan and a must-visit for lovers of Malay history and culture, the Grand Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Riau, dating back to the 18th-century and housing the tombs of the fourth and fifth princes of the Siak Sri Indrapura Kingdom. Although the mosque has been renovated, it still retains six columns from the original structure. It is located nearby other attractions; namely the Siak River and Pasar Bawah.

Mesjid Raya Senapelan

Pasar Bawah

While you are around, why don’t you take a short walk to Pasar Bawah. Pasar Bawah is a popular spot for a souvenir hunt! The local artisans, farmers and villagers peddle their unique, handmade products at bargain price. From antiques and ratan bags to hand woven tops and local snacks, this is a one-stop centre for tourists to get an insight on Riau’s blooming local culture.

Pasar Bawah